From the Desk of Dr. Montgomery
Greetings and Welcome,

It is in the mighty, matchless and magnificent name of Jesus the Risen Christ and Soon Coming King that I greet and welcome you to the website of the Union Hill Primitive Baptist Church Family.  We have been blessed and favored by God with this Christian witness opportunity to share our ministry with you and to minister to you through the sermons on this site.

As a result of this remote experience I pray that you will be moved to visit us and experience first-hand the exhilarating and inspiring move of God among a bible-centered, spirit-filled people who are dedicated and determined to lift up the name of Jesus drawing men and women, boys and girls into a loving relationship with the One who is both Lord of lords, and King of kings – Christ Jesus.

I would like to extend you a personal invitation to join us in any of our worship, training, and service experiences. I would also like to invite you to listen in on our radio and television broadcasts on a weekly basis.

Partner with us as we continue our procession up the King’s Highway proclaiming the gospel to the lost world; producing mature disciples; and providing for the non-spiritual needs of people in the church and community.
Yours in the Cause of Christ,

Elder Oscar L. Montgomery, Sr.